Discover the First Release of EZCutlist!

Access the power of optimization online with EZCutlist. Read on to see how EZCutlist can help you create a quick cut list from any parts you want!

Be sure to also check out the system requirements.

Create and Save Cut List Jobs

  • The simple straightforward interface makes it easy to manage cut list jobs.
Jobs Screen

Cut Lengths Remembered

  • Cut lengths you enter are remembered and suggested for the next row.
  • Data entry is fast and efficient as can be!
Cut Suggestions

Entry Problems are Flagged

  • Rows with invalid entries, or missing data are flagged.
  • Notice the "Cuts Invalid" message in the top left of this window.
Entering Parts

Expanded List with Problems

  • Part Description and Stock Length info can be shown or hidden.
  • Notice the missing stock length value in this window.
Expanded List

Easily Select Rows to Edit or Delete

  • It is very simple to check a row to either edit or delete it.
  • Notice the orange row at the top to enter new values when multiple rows are selected.
  • The blue row indicates a custom part number.
  • Notice the Copy button above the Delete button. Altering information is quick and easy.
Edit or Delete Items

Dynamic Suggestions Throughout

  • All columns remember entries for a suggestion list later.
  • Default values help speed up entry of similar parts by tabbing through them.
  • Typing characters finds the suggested value in the list.
Cut Suggestions

Quick Reports

  • Easily print any job to a simple to read cut sheet!
  • Also display a scaled graphic report showing cut patterns and drops.
  • Export cut list data to a CSV file for an automated saw stop.
Report Menu

Fabrication Cut Report

  • See this report when the Classic View option is selected.
  • This cut list will also show cuts for multiple color parts in one job!
Classic Report

Scale Summary Cut Report

  • See this report when the Scale View option is selected.
  • This report shows yield of material and a graphical way to see drops!
  • Multiple colors in a job are also shown in this report.
Scale Report

Cloud Hosted

  • Take our app anywhere. Simply log in with your web browser from any computer to edit and create jobs.
  • Your information is securely saved on our server.
  • We will be adding more functionality as we go.